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Life is a blank page. What's your next chapter?

The performances, and other planned elements of this program, Unwritten: The Prelude, will be unforgettably uplifting, inspiring and positively memorable!


As many of you already know, the St. George Tabernacle is closed to all events and gatherings, effective Monday, March 16th.

As the saying goes, "the show must go on." Together, we're going to deliver one of the greatest shows ever! We just can't have a live audience. What we can do is professionally film our show and deliver it to as many people as possible in our community! We will be investing heavily to boost and promote our filmed show in a video format on several platforms to include YouTube and Facebook. We are also working to determine ways we may be able to have our show broadcast using other means- one such possibility is CEC-TV.

In the meantime, we're going to be sharing posts on our Facebook page to announce contests with fabulous prizes! We're going to be challenging our community to do great things- to be helpful; to be great neighbors and to be Good Samaritans.

Since the inception of Unwritten - Life Illuminated, we have always promoted the idea that none of us may always choose what happens to us, but we can control the way we choose to respond. It is vitally important for us to act on our words. Words are powerful, but actions are even more powerful. We choose to use our words thoughtfully. We choose to act with compassion and kindness.

We choose to turn these unfortunate circumstances into a positive. We choose to "remodify" our upcoming show into a format that will allow us more flexibility and a very grateful "virtual" audience. We choose to maintain our mission to educate, inspire and uplift.

We choose to conduct our mission in responsible ways. Being responsible means we are committed to doing our part to prevent the spread of any virus or illness to anybody. Being responsible means we thoroughly understand that we must each be cognizant of how easily any of us may inadvertently spread a contagion to a person in a higher risk group than we ourselves may be.

We are genuinely concerned about the safety and well-being of every person.

We understand there are many varying thoughts and opinions on what is occurring in our world as the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), continues to spread. We understand how easy it is (because we are human) to speak and act in ways that contribute to common feelings being experienced by many people in our community - the panic, fear, and uncertainty that is creating behaviors and responses that are emotionally driven. Please, let's all choose to soften hearts, rather than make attempts to change minds.

It is common knowledge that "mirroring" the actions of others, especially on social media, creates a perceived similarity and therefore often drives certain negative behaviors. We've all experienced this through comments and reactions to posts on social media. Likewise, the opposite is also true. When we choose to be intentional and thoughtful, we can begin a chain reaction of "mirrored" positive behaviors. When we choose empathy, compassion, kindness and positivity, we reflect the very best of humanity.

Many talented performers and others have chosen to use their combined skills, talents and creativity to make Unwritten: 2020 - The Prelude, a positively memorable experience, the first of four Unwritten - Life Illuminated planned events in 2020; and though delivered to our community differently than we envisioned- differently than we planned, we are even more excited, more eager, and more determined to deliver our very best.

So many community members have been working very hard to perfect their performances, write inspiring words to be spoken-preparing to make a positive difference in the lives of many people. They know they will play such a vitally important role in delivering the very messages that will, in fact, educate, inspire and uplift our community at a time most needed. If ever our community needed to be lifted up, it is right now. The time is indeed now.

As with all people, it is using our dedication; intelligence; skills; talents; voices; instruments; commitment; and our determination to reflect the very best of humanity, that will help us succeed in our now-expanded mission to deliver much-needed faith, light and hope in these uncertain times.

Right now, we are citizens united, neighbors reaching out, kind souls- ready and willing to lend aid and assistance. We choose to illuminate lives together.


We're all blessed to live in the greatest place on earth. Let us join together to experience the greatest show on earth!


Let us continue illuminating lives together!

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