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Kechi Okwuchi America's Got Talent 2017 Audition|GTF

Kechi Okwuchi America's Got Talent 2017 Audition|GTF

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We may like glamour and be drawn to sensationalism. We may be attracted to what is superficial, but those experiences usually fade quickly and can even turn toxic, and we are left wanting what is true and real, reliable and honorable.

Unwritten is about changing toward positive directions, even if it is tragedy that altered our course.

Unwritten is a call to become who you want to be in your core, not just your skin.

Unwritten is exemplified by the person we are announcing… Kechi

Unwritten: Life Illuminated is proud to host Kechi as both a speaker and performer at our life-changing event on Saturday, August 17th in Exhibit Hall at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George, Utah.

Let's join Kechi as she continues her journey to illuminate so many lives. As Howie Mandell said to Kechi after her much-deserved Golden Buzzer moment on America's Got Talent - The Champions, "you're so much more than your songs and your sound; more than a champion of singing and of talent. You're a champion of life."

We agree, Kechi Okwuchi. You are a beautiful champion of life.