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As a committee, we discussed the things which we love to do the most. We asked each other, "what do we do with complete abandon, something that makes us laugh or smile with our whole face?"  The unanimous answer was that we sing!  Some of us- only in the shower, but many, besides the remarkably gifted performers who serve as an integral part of our team, sing while we're driving! 


Down the road we go, singing at the top of our lungs, often singing the wrong words, but not really caring, because singing makes everybody smile and many people laugh.


One of us commented that we didn't even care about the strange looks we receive when we're singing in the car alone and come to a stoplight- only to be seen and sometimes laughed at by people in neighboring vehicles. Another committee member said, "I just love watching James Corden's Carpool Karaoke episodes!"  From that moment, we knew we would be creating our own unique version of carpool karaoke - and ours came to be known as 'Ponder and Sing - It's a Great Thing!'


We decided to invite various talented singers to act out their inner "James Corden" and pick up other gifted singers to participate in episodes of 'Ponder and Sing - It's a Great Thing!' 


While driving, and depending on what songs they choose to sing, they will be discussing life topics - sometimes while pondering life lessons intended to teach us all. Sometimes, they'll make us all laugh because they'll be sharing stories- funny stories about things which have sometimes sparked the ideas for the very songs they write and perform!

At our future Unwritten: Life Illuminated event, we'll have a car stationed in front of a large green screen.  It is in that car you and your loved ones, crazy fun friends or significant other can be filmed as you sing without abandon to your favorite tunes! It is our hope that you will do so while "smiling with your whole face!" The DVD of your performance will then be available for you to take home, watch over and over - and to cherish as a memorable keepsake!



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