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Kechi is a 29 year-old Nigerian-born woman, currently living in Houston, Texas. She is an MBA student and self-taught singer. Kechi found her true voice after her accident -- a plane crash that took the lives of 107 of 109 passengers in Nigeria in 2005.


Throughout the difficult journey of her burns recovery, Kechi was sustained by her faith, her family and her music. She resumed high school in 2009 and then went on to University, where graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Economics. She began to sing and perform at her church, at burn and trauma fundraisers, galas and at family events, sharing what she loved with those she wanted to inspire.


Becoming a finalist on America’s Got Talent was Kechi’s dream realized, and on June 10th, 2018, she released her first single, “Don’t You Dare,” on all music platforms. She has since become a traveling artist, inspirational speaker and burn survivor advocate for multiple burn survivor organizations, including Shriners Burns Hospitals. In 2019, she became a finalist on America’s Got Talent: The Champions through Simon Cowell’s “golden buzzer.” Kechi has now chosen to forge ahead on a path that allows her to explore both business and artistic opportunities.



Richard Guerry is the founder of the non-profit organization, The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (IROC2). Throughout the 1990's, at the height of the technology revolution, Richard served as an interactive marketing executive. In his tenure, he encountered the darkest areas of the internet and discovered countless individuals unknowingly being manipulated and schemed, and their content being stolen and exploited. As a father of two young children, and an avid user of digital technology himself, he decided to make a change and start a new revolution centered on technology– Digital Consciousness - which he now travels across the country speaking to digital users regarding the importance of practicing a Digital Consciousness™ in every aspect of life to avoid any current – or future – digital disease™.


Richard is also the author of multiple cyber safety and citizenship books, and has been a featured speaker at many national conferences and conventions, including the National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention, the International Bullying Prevention Association, and the National Symposium on Child Abuse. He has also appeared as a digital safety expert on various media outlets like CNN, Radio Disney, MTV, Parade Magazine and many other local, regional, and international networks and publications.


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Aros founded Adaptive Operations a 501(C)(3) organization. Adaptive Ops locates missing people, extricates human trafficking victims, provides protection and transportation for vulnerable persons and victim advocates. Aros has completed rescue/protection missions in over 10 major US and Puerto Rican cities.


He has collaborated with legislators on capitol hill, agents from Homeland Security, as well as law-enforcement agencies across the United States. He has consulted and contracted with numerous international counter human trafficking organizations.


He is a licensed private investigator and a Utah private probation provider, private security license training provider. Aros received a baccalaureate degree from BYU Idaho. He went on to receive a Master’s degree in Intelligence from the American Military University. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security and is a full-time criminal justice instructor at a career college.


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Coco was born and raised in Germany and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a counter-trafficking specialist and aspiring civil-rights attorney. Coco enables all segments of society to fight human-trafficking by educating and speaking internationally to law enforcement, first responders, forensic staff, and communities about the horrific reality of human-trafficking.

As the program director of ARISE- Project for Humanity, Coco and the entire team of ARISE made it their mission to rescue victims and potential victims out of trafficking by mentoring and guiding them on their healing journey. 


Being trafficked for over 15 years by her own family, Coco made it her personal aim to free other victims out of the hands of traffickers. Hers is a story of courage, hope, and healing. Although she was born into trafficking, Coco broke through the vicious cycle of slavery by choosing education. She empathizes deeply with other victims and empowers them by providing tools and resources that enables them to escape sex-crimes themselves.


Her unique experience of bondage and escape from such heinous crimes, have already helped multiple dignitaries free and rescue enslaved victims.


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Cheryl praises her diverse experiences for contributing to her life foundation- learning early the importance of passion and purpose. She believes in and actively encourages others to “dream big, be grateful and pay it forward.”

Cheryl began her career as a registered nurse in 1969 and is an award-winning photographer. Her unique perspective on the world was inspired and fostered by her courageous mother and her resilient father, blind from birth. Their influence led her to adventurously explore more than 80 countries since the late-1960s. She has served the dying, destitute, and lepers alongside Mother Teresa several times over the span of twenty years, beginning in 1973.

Cheryl volunteered as a nurse and provided health education in villages throughout Asia, including Afghanistan and Himalayan villages in Nepal and India. She trained in martial arts and studied Buddhism with the Dalai Lama in India. Recently, she was inducted into Venice High School’s Hall of Fame, as well as being selected to receive her high school’s Distinguished Alumnus Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Volunteer.

Cheryl recently retired from working as an RNFA Surgical Assistant with her husband, a neurosurgeon. She is currently writing a book of memoirs. She and her husband are traveling from Montana to grace our community with their presence and Cheryl's deeply inspiring message. They are deeply passionate about and support three endowments: for the visually impaired; for pastoral education and spiritual care at their favorite hospital; and for the advancement of neuroscience.

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