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Internet and cell phone safety plays a vital role in the digital age. Knowing how to conduct oneself in these mediums of communication and consumerism, while being cognizant of the permanence of actions taken online, is the key. While great tools, internet access and cell phones open a gateway to scammers and strangers with malicious intent.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you certain your child or teen thoroughly understands the dangerous implications associated with the inappropriate use of digital tools?

  • Are you confident your child or teen has been taught everything they need to know in order to understand how to successfully and safely navigate the various digital tools available to them?

  • Do you sometimes wonder about, discuss with the others or research topics such as, the appropriate age at which to give your child a cell phone?

  • Do you sometimes feel worried about the pace at which new apps become available to young people and your ability to keep up with technology?

  • Do you believe you’re familiar enough with the apps, internet dangers and all the ways in which predators or scammers could potentially victimize your children?

If any of these questions make you feel uncomfortable, unequipped or concerned for your children and teens, you should absolutely do your best to come to this FREE event. We can assure you that you will leave feeling educated and informed about a subject we all need to openly discuss. We encourage you to bring your middle-school-age children and your teenagers to the symposium portion of this event. Afterward, your family can enjoy together our Illuminating Life Together Variety Show – jam-packed with inspiring, uplifting songs intended to lift our community!

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