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We're so excited about our 'The Road of Life' event!  We've chosen the cutest battery-operated cars to be stationed at a starting line. 


Your child will be behind the wheel, ready to step down on a pedal which will propel them forward on our colorful road around exhibit hall!  Our wise and thought-provoking host will take some time to explain to everybody how "life is not a race." He'll further explain how it is that "sometimes life goes so fast that we miss the great blessings that surround us."

Your child will receive a unique backpack to sling on. On the back of it are these imprinted words:  "My Bag of Blessings."

"Don't go too fast, children," our host will say.  "Along The Road of Life, there are blessing stations. If you go too fast, you might miss them. This, like life, is not a race. The object of your drive today is to stop at each station to collect a blessing to go in your bag of blessings."

We have numerous businesses and organizations agree to design a blessing station and to select the blessing they desire to give to your child.


Some blessings may be in the form of a gratitude journal or magnet. Others are imprinted school supplies with essential life lessons printed on them.  More important than the items your child will collect at each station, is the lesson about each blessing they will receive.


Our host will encourage you and your child to cherish the "bag of blessings," they collect on 'The Road of Life.' 


Our host will suggest that you nudge your child to select a blessing before bedtime so that together you may discuss the value and importance of that particular blessing in your lives. Blessings like family, gratitude, education, food, home, nature and so much more will abound...

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